Garick Zikan: Ever since it arrived in 2014, the Porsche Macan, has roared on the road like the Indonesian word for tiger it’s named after. Now, the 2019 Porsche Macan is getting an even bigger dose of the family DNA. What you’re seeing is the version created for the Chinese market, but we anticipate some similarities if the changes come to the U.S. The front fascia is designed to appear wider, showing clear signs of the 911 and 918 Spyder.  LED headlights are standard, Porsche’s Dynamic Light System Plus provides even more precise illumination. The rear is wrapped with the 3D LED taillight and 4-point brake lights, fitting in with the rest of the Porsche line-up.  

This mid-cycle refresh is much more than cosmetic, and goes to the very heart of this compact SUV. One of the big changes involves moving the fuel injectors.

Antoon Janssen: “We positioned the fuel injector directly in the center of the combustion chamber directly beside the spark plug and this allows an even finer adjustment of dosing of the amount of fuel and better fuel air mixture”

Garick Zikan: A 3.0-liter V6 powers the Macan S. Engineers moved the single turbo inside the V increasing output to 349 horsepower. The Macan Turbo uses the same engine block but engineers beefed up the cylinder liners to accommodate the force of the 433-horses that will charge out of the 2.9-liter V6.  Two turbos are in the V — one for each cylinder bank. We haven’t heard official specs on a U.S. model, but we anticipate similar results. While Porsches are naturally known for powerful engines, the power train manager explained to us there were also other goals.

Antoon Janssen: “So yes, we increased the power output of the engine, but I have to mention one of the main items is also the efficiency and the reduction of emissions.”

Garick Zikan: Engineers also refined the chassis, maintaining a clear focus on the experience in the driver’s seat.

Sebastian Staiger: "For especially the air suspension, the air suspension brings that range between comfort and dynamics”

Garick Zikan: We’ve driven the Macan before, so we know it has Porsche’s legendary performance with plenty of power and plenty of grip.  They’re bringing even more of that sporty heritage here to the cockpit.

Another nod to the 911 is the optional GT sports steering wheel. The Sport Response Button is integrated into the wheel, and as we’ve seen on other Porsches, it’s the ticket to 20 seconds of insane power.

The dashboard of previous Macans looked like this with a 7-inch touch screen straddled by two air vents. The transformation includes moving the air vents below the now 11-inch HD touch screen. The Panamera influence is clear although it’s a little smaller. Porsche Communication Management becomes more sophisticated, with Voice Pilot and real time traffic updates.  A traffic jam assistant including adaptive cruise control is added to the mix.  The rows of buttons on the rising center console remain. As a sport oriented luxury utility, the Macan has always offered a dynamic driving experience fitting of the Porsche badge; now it shares the latest looks and technology sweeping through the brand. Stay tuned to MotorWeek as more details surface on the 2019 Porsche Macan.