We recently reported on the all-new Honda Pilot and we now know that it will start at $40,445 when it goes on sale December 12th.

That sticker price is for the base Pilot Sport equipped with front-wheel drive and includes Honda’s $1,295 destination charge. At the top of the range is the Pilot Elite, an all-wheel drive model with a $53,325 price tag.

In total, the new Pilot will be available in five trims: Sport, EX-L, Touring, TrailSport, and Elite. The first three trims come standard FWD, with AWD available as a $2,100 option.Once you step up to the TrailSport grade it’s AWD-only. Interestingly enough, the EX-L is defined in two categories, either eight-occupant or seven-occupant. This will affect pricing, as seen in the table below, though not drastically so.




MSRP Plus $1,295 Destination Charge2

Sport (FWD)



Sport (AWD)



EX-L (FWD) 8-Occupant



EX-L (FWD) 7-Occupant



EX-L (AWD) 8-Occupant



EX-L (AWD) 7-Occupant



Touring (FWD)



Touring (AWD)



TrailSport (AWD)



Elite (AWD)




There’s also a new “HPD Package,” crafted in collaboration with Honda’s US-based racing company, Honda Performance Development. This package adds fender flares, bronze or black wheels and unique graphics, all retailing together for $2,950 and available on all trims.