World-renowned auto shows, like the one kicking off in New York this week, serve as the perfect stage for brands to highlight their new and conceptual products; although, it has been a growing trend for said brands to unveil these designs ahead of the official event, which makes our job, admittedly, a little easier.

Among said preluding reveals are those from Genesis, having just unveiled two new concepts, one of which serving as the official announcement of the brand’s “Magma” performance program. These cars are the Neolun, a large utility that could easily fill the void of a yet-to-be-manifested GV90, and the GV60 Magma Concept, a glowing-hot performance utility that follows in the wake of last year’s GV80 Coupe Concept.

Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program
Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 1
Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 2
Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 4
Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 3
Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance ProgramGenesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 1Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 2Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 4Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 3

The Neolun Concept boasts a self-described “reductive design,” meaning it features clean and minimalist features that stray away from unnecessary cues. Front styling, specifically the LED lighting elements that wrap around the sides of the front fenders, are distinctly Genesis, though the rest of the concept is a fresh take from the Korean automaker. The side profile lacks a B-pillar, instead defined by wide opening coach doors. This is said to open up the interior space and maximize access to the cabin, which features swiveling front-row seats and displays that unfold from the rear-seat headliner. Radiant heating is used to keep things cozy, using various heating films applied to the various surfaces– inspired by the Korean “ondol” home heating method, using direct heat transfer from underneath the floor.

While luxury is at the forefront of Genesis’ products, they’re branching further into the high-performance game with a new Magma sub-brand. The Magma program aims to deliver a hotter version of each production vehicle in the Genesis lineup, and delivering this news was the GV60 Magma Concept.

Genesis Unveils Concepts, “Magma” Performance Program 5

It’s, of course, finished in the same flashy orange paint seen on last year’s GV80 Coupe Concept, matched by various body elements that further accentuate the performance-focused disposition. Up front, the main air intake sits wider and lower on the bumper for better cooling, joined by enhanced air curtains said to deliver greater aerodynamic efficiency. Genesis outfitted canards for more front downforce, while the enlarged fenders further its  more aggressive stance; as do the 21-inch wheels, wearing a titanium finish and covered by aero discs. The roof, not to be overlooked, has been refined with fins that redirect the flow of air, channeling it towards the rear wing. Inside, expect bucket seats finished in Nappa and suede leather, held together by Magma and titanium-colored accents and supported by body-color seatbacks. 

The GV60 Magma Concept joins the Neolun Concept, G80 Magma Special and X Gran Berlinetta Concept at the 2024 New York International Auto Show, open to the public March 29.