Long Term Updates

Time to say goodbye to 2 members of our long-term test fleet, or 5 depending on how you do the math. First, we bid adieu to our set of Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra winter tires. 

Outfitting one of our staffer’s rides with winter tires was a new experience for our long-term fleet; one that taught us a thing or two, as well as reminded us of the importance of proper cold weather footwear. 

Rachel Ederer: “Over the past couple of months, on several occasions, I’ve said, “But I have winter tires!” in response to any doubt about the road conditions. I’ve driven in rain, slush, snow, and ice. I felt confident parallel parking on a hill in unplowed streets, and driving uphill in 3 inches of snow. The only times I’ve felt slipping was when transitioning between road conditions. For example, a hard left into slush from a clear street, or into a snow filled emergency lane. I have never lost control or hydroplaned, but I’ve experienced a moment of front-wheel drive slipping before regaining traction. So, if you don’t want to buy an all-wheel drive vehicle, or be stuck at home when the weather gets lousy, these GoodYear tires are a great solution.”

Keep in mind, the softer compound of winter tires means more rolling resistance, and ultimately less fuel economy. Rachel saw a drop from 36.6 miles-per-gallon to 34.8 in her Hyundai Accent. Still that was a small price to pay for the peace of mind these Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra winter tires provided.