Date: August 2018
Mileage: 3,100

Ever since the 2018 Mazda6 arrived on our lot, it’s been hard to get the keys. It seems like someone is always driving it. In fact, we’ve already put 31-hundred miles on it during it’s first month. 

The new turbocharged SKYACTIV-G 2.5T I4 produces 227-horsepower on regular… and fits right in with our enthusiastic driving preferences. The 6-speed automatic is quick. Steering is precise with good feedback. The suspension is sporty tight while comfortable on long trips. 

Headroom is a little snug for one of our taller drivers, but that’s often a sacrifice with a power moon roof.

So far we’re averaging 31.2 miles per gallon. That’s already better than the EPA combined of 29 and we think it’ll go up from here.

Date: October 2018
Mileage: 7,000

We’re just back from a long road trip in our 2018 Mazda6. The 11-hundred mile trek took us south to Tennessee… then over the mountains for some hiking in North and South Carolina. A 4-day 18-hour round trip was a good way to get to know this sporty sedan. Interstates along the mostly rural route get boring, but the eager I-4 turbo and smooth shifting 6-speed automatic kept it interesting. The Adaptive Cruise Control expertly adapted to the changing traffic speeds throughout the trip. 

The driver-oriented cockpit is quiet, with plenty of legroom, and we never tired of the newly redesigned seats during this long haul. 

After lots of highway driving, we’re now averaging 26-point-6 miles-per-gallon on regular. At 3 months the odometer is already approaching 7,000-miles, as this Mazda6 reminds us how pleasurable a well-designed family sedan can be.

Date: November 2018
Mileage: 11,000

Our 2018 Mazda6 midsize sedan is a popular choice around here for long road trips. A recent trek towards the Midwest helped push the odometer to 11-thousand miles or so. Extended hours behind the wheel add to our appreciation for the newly redesigned seats, quiet cabin, comfortable yet sporty suspension, and advanced safety features.

Since driving matters most to us, we love the liveliness of the 227-horsepower SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter turbo I4 and the quick shifting 6-speed automatic. 

One driver was frustrated by not being able to release the trunk using the exterior release button while the car is parked but still running. 

In that situation it will release with the key fob nearby, or using the dash trunk release switch on the dash.

 All those highway miles are keeping the mpg’s up to 27.4… which is not our best showing… but above the government’s combined rating.

Date: December 2018
Mileage: 13,000

This 2018 Mazda6 mid-size sedan remains a popular choice among our drivers… even after 7-months and 13,000 miles. The 227-horsepower from the SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter turbo-4… and responsive 6-speed automatic still generate praise.

The Mazda6 continues to offer the most engaging drive in its segment; there's no denying that. The new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is a big reason why we think this is the drivers mid size. Plus, our infotainment system received an update to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are quickly becoming a must-have feature.

Short trips or long… fast or slow… the new suspension remains athletic and comfortable. So far we’re averaging 28.1-miles per gallon. But the most recent period reached 33.3, our best tally yet. No wonder this “6” rates a “10” with us.

Date: January 2019
Mileage: 15,000

It’s hard to keep track of our 2018 Mazda6 as it seldom sits still. Almost 15-thousand miles have quickly zoomed by in this sporty midsize sedan.

Winter’s chill has set in, but with a 227-horsepower turbocharged I-4, quick shifts, and sporty suspension, trips both long and short remain something to look forward to. 

Even after 7-months, the only complaint has been snug headroom for drivers over 6-feet tall, mostly because of the power moon roof. But everyone finds the comfortable and nicely supportive front seats perfect for every outing. 

Even though colder temps impact fuel economy, we’re still averaging a fine 27-point-5 miles-per gallon, slightly better than the government’s combined rating. With front-wheel drive winter traction is also better than expected, so we see many more cool miles ahead for this Mazda6.

Date: March 2019
Mileage: 17,000

Another 24-hundred miles have passed in our 2018 Mazda6 mid-size sedan… which brings our total up to almost 17-thousand. That’s not surprising considering how popular it is around here. 

The 227-horsepower turbocharged SKYACTIV-G I-4 and quick shifting 6-speed automatic are a good team… whether on long road trips or the daily commute. The sporty suspension and precise steering make even mundane errands the kind of driving experience we look for.

"Spring is just around the corner and if we could drive there we'd be happy to do so in the Mazda6. Cold temps and slushy roads did not keep us from driving and it handled itself pretty well considering its low profile all-season tires. Engine power continues to be a high point and mechanically speaking we have no complaints. What more can you ask for?"

We’re now averaging 27-point-8 miles-per-gallon on regular… which is still better than the government’s combined rating. Even after 9-months of driving… the Mazda6 reminds us a practical family sedan can still be a lot of fun.

Date: May 2019
Mileage: 19,500

It’s hard to believe 11-months have gone by in our 2018 Mazda6. The nearly 19,500 miles that have passed under the wheels is proof this sporty sedan is a hit around here.

The turbocharged SKYACTIV-G I-4 is always ready to produce the 227-horsepower that’s effortlessly controlled by the 6-speed automatic. 

The combination makes every time behind the wheel something to look forward to… no matter where we’re going. The comfortable seats and sporty suspension offer up the kind of experience you’d expect from something with two doors instead of four.

"We've praised the Mazda 6's powertrain several times because it really is just so good, but that's what we expect from Mazda at this point. This upscale, near-luxury interior on the other hand is something they've been focusing on more recently. It's comfortable, easy to navigate and I think it adds a lot more to the driving experience than we give it credit for. "

We’re now averaging 27-point-9 miles-per-gallon on regular… which is still better than the government’s combined rating. Now that the weather is improving… we foresee a lot of weekend road trips in the Mazda6.

Date: June 2019
Mileage: 22,000

Warmer weather is back… and our 2018 Mazda6 is seeing even more of the road. The odometer is evidence of how popular this sleek sedan is around here. During the past year, we’ve driven it some 22-thousand miles.

The 227-horsepower turbocharged SKYACTIV-G I-4 matched with the smooth shifting 6-speed automatic continues to be the recipe for sporty driving even with four doors. The powertrain has consistently generated comments in our log book about how hard it is to “lay off the boost”. The steering has a good amount of feedback and the suspension does a great job of balancing a firm ride with comfort on road trips. 

And during those long hauls we really appreciate the effort Mazda put into redesigning the seats. They’re a nice addition to the upscale interior of our top trim Signature model with its driver-oriented layout. Our overall average is now 27-point-9-miles-per-gallon. And we have more drive time ahead.

Date: July 2019
Mileage: 24,000

More than a year after our 2018 Mazda6 arrived, its appeal to our staff is still going strong. The proof is in the some 24-thousand enjoyable miles on the odometer. 

The 227-horsepower turbocharged I-4 and 6-speed automatic are a great pair… and they continue to satisfy our drivers who prefer a little extra boost for passing. Mazda also added suspension tuning that delivers everyday sportiness; setting this ‘6’ apart from its mid-size rivals.

Normally after a year of testing a car, we can point to at least a few areas of degradation in a powertrain or suspension. That’s not the case with this Mazda6. The engine and transmission have yet to skip a beat and the suspension is still taught in all the right ways."

Whether it’s running errands or going on long overnighters, the Signature trim makes this a comfortable and stylish place to spend our time. Overall fuel economy is now 28-point-4-miles-per-gallon….  so there are plenty of miles between fill ups.


Date: August 2019

It’s time to say good-bye to our 2018 Mazda6.  We spent a year in this sleek and sporty midsize sedan, so we’ve really gotten a feel for its delightful driving manners. The energetic 227-horsepower SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter turbo I4 and the quick 6-speed automatic are a great team. After 23,500 miles, we’ve averaged 28-point-4 miles-per-gallon… which is a little better than the EPA’s combined rating. 

All it required was scheduled maintenance during our time behind the wheel. The Mazda 6 kept us comfortable and more importantly entertained mile after mile… whether during the daily commute… or long road trips.  A lot of that has to do with the sporty suspension and newly redesigned seats. 

Our Signature trim is the most luxurious, so this was also a good place to spend quality time.  The interior layout is uncluttered and the infotainment easy to use. This sedan is obviously capable of routine family duties, but with a unique fun factor as a big part of the mix… and we’ll really miss it.