There's never a convenient time or place to run out of gas, and with more and more distractions these days, it's easier to do than you'd think. Well, instead of relying on cell phone reception or the intentions of the next stranger to pass by, there’s a safer and much quicker alternative - Spare Fuel.

Spare Fuel is a non-flammable gasoline derivative that is safe to store in your trunk and use in an emergency 'out of gas' situation. This half gallon jug will get you as far as a half gallon of gas, and since there's nothing in Spare Fuel that's not already in normal gasoline it's safe to use in any gas-powered engine and has a shelf life of over ten years.

BEN DAVIS: So if you drive a guzzler like this beast and constantly run out of fuel as much as I do...or if you just want to be prepared for the worst situations, Spare Fuel can really save the day.