You know, when the touchscreen just doesn't work anymore, you gotta go to the mouse...the road mouse. From Four Door Media comes Road Mice, the computer mouse designed to look like your favorite automobile. They come in either wired or wireless, and in many choices of cars. There's the Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, and even a couple police cars. They feature a right and left click button, a scroll wheel, as well as highlighted front head lights. The Road Mice can plug into any USB port on the desk top, your laptop, or your mini portable computer. A matching mouse pad can be the perfect accessory while using your road mice. An added bonus-if you get bored while writing that term paper or reading articles on the Net, take a break with a game of cops and robbers. The Road Mice are priced around $45; the pads come in at 14 bucks. They're available now, so start cruising the web in style.