It's a dilemma facing many music loving motorists: how to integrate your sophisticated portable music players into your car stereo when an OEM option is either too expensive or not available. Well, you're going to love the sound of this! The SoundGate CORE will help you connect, charge and control your iPod using a remote control, and it works with most car audio systems. The package comes with a universal set of cables. It comes with everything an iPod needs to give you and your passengers endless in-car entertainment. Along with the core processor, the pack comes with an audio/video RCA breakout cable for sharing music and movies. There's also a stereo minijack cable for connection to auxiliary inputs, a cigarette lighter power adapter charger and a permanent power harness/charger for those requiring hookup from a fixed source. All for about $80. So there you have it, aftermarket GEAR that turns your basic car stereo into a sophisticated sound system, all at a price you can afford.