With the amazing advancements in battery technology, the automotive industry isn’t the only one evolving overnight. The world of remote controlled vehicles has become just as fast paced and possibly more competitive. And this 1/10th scale duo from Losi are two of the most high-flying and fun short course RCs available.

Armed with a seven cell nickel metal hydride battery pack, these rear-wheel drive brutes are capable of speeds up to 35 miles per hour with a run time of close to 40 minutes. And if that mayhem ever starts to feel tame, an optional lithium polymer battery increases both numbers tremendously.

Much like their full size inspiration, they’re built with extreme durability and intense competition in mind. Everything from an electric cooling fan for the motor, oil filled aluminum coil overs, and aggressive tires mounted on real chrome wheels. The job of harnessing all this awesome is made easy by a beefy 2.4 gigahertz controller with the capability of adapting to other RCs in your fleet.

(Noises of great excitement) That was crazy! For some fast fun, check out Losi.