Am I dreaming? Playing with radio controlled helicopters is now part of my job! I use the word play very loosely, as this is no toy. It’s a complete turn-key professional aerial cinematography platform for the GoPro Hero3 camera. I know that’s a mouthful. I just call it awesome for short.

Starting life as a dead-stock DGI Phantom quad-copter, it has been heavily modified by DSLRPros to meet the quality demands of big-budget films and television. The first thing to high-five your eyes are the carbon-fiber blades perched powerfully on top of juiced up antigravity motors. When every ounce counts, this is the combo to have. Other mods stay closer to the ground, but are no less important. The most impressive being the real time camera’s eye view monitor mounted to the seriously upgraded Futaba 8FGS transmitter. Trust me: your fear of entering orbit will take hold long before your range signal runs out. It truly is a game changing tool that fits stunning aerial shots into the budget of a first time filmmaker, or even you. DSLR Pros can make it happen.