Many of us don't like driving around in a dirty car, so we either take it to the car wash which gets expensive or we wash it ourselves, which takes a lot of time and elbow grease! Well, the Power Sidekick Auto Care System promises us the best of both worlds. It is designed to clean your vehicle in a fraction of the time with commercial results. The cordless unit vacuums, washes and polishes. It comes with several attachments that will do most of the dirty work for you. There's the soap-dispensing wash, brush and polisher which wipes away the dirt and grime, while the vacuum attachment cleans the carpet. The unit is battery-powered. So you have the freedom to move around your car, and that also means no cords to trip over and no danger of an electrical shock. The Power Sidekick is around $130. So there you have it, GEAR that brings the professional car wash home!