At last you can own the most menacing car in film history, and we're not talking about Herbie or Lightning McQueen here. Mad Max's Interceptor! Car-star of the cult classic, The Road Warrior! Auto-art has devotedly replicated Max's trusty ride, with this 1/18th scale tribute. All of the mods are faithfully represented on this once Ford Falcon XB GT: the sinister two-tone black paint; miss-matched wheels; auxiliary tanks; and the unmistakable Scott injector hat. But what would the king of pursuit be without a custom seat for his faithful blue heeler, g'day blue! The interceptor comes ready for display or the perfect canvas to lovingly apply dirt and grime for that fresh off the wasteland look. So whether you're a big fan of the movie or just a collector who thought they had everything, the interceptor is out there waiting for you, if you think you're ready.