The increase of hands-free devices have been on the minds of nearly everyone, with safer driving as one of America's top priorities and new state laws popping up every day. So what about when it's absolutely necessary? You're about to drive into work and you don't have time to check your computer for those last minute emails to prepare for the morning meeting. That's when having the iLane comes in handy. The new product opens your emails and texts, reads them for you, and allows you reply without taking your eyes off the road, just by speaking out loud. Setting up the iLane for the first time is difficult and navigating through their website is a bit tedious. But once it gets going and is mounted in your car, it makes commuting to work a lot less stressful. The iLane kit comes with the unit, the vent mount, two power adaptors, and the Bluetooth headset. It is pricey at around $600, along with an $8 monthly fee. However, the iLane is a perfect accessory for the on-the-go business traveler.