Whether it's garden equipment, weekend toys, or just an emergency stash, gassing up on the go can be a messy and dangerous business. In fact, just in the US, more than 9 million gallons of gas is spilled each year. Flo-N-Go has come up with a nifty solution with the Max-Flo. What looks like an everyday 6-gallon gas can is actually fitted with a siphon handle capable of pumping as much as two gallons per minute at any height or angle. For about $60 you can eliminate spills and reduce the risk of overfilling. Not to mention the strain of lifting and tilting a 40 pound container for several minutes. A clever safety shut off valve seals tight when not in use and vents when open. And best of all, with Flo-N-Go you won't smell like gas at supper time.