For SUV owners, it's easier than ever these days to outfit your vehicle with cool accessories that will remind you of being at home, and now here's another one you can add to the list. Add-A-Cabana converts your SUV or van into a portable dressing room. It's great to have when you or the kids need privacy to change into sporting gear or beach wear. It's also a handy cover at a tailgate party, campsite, or any number of outdoor activities including changing on location. Add-A-Cabana fits over the open lift gate and takes just minutes to set up. After you turn off the engine, simply attach the buckles to the roof rack and the magnets to the sides of the vehicle. No poles or stakes required. It comes in either black or tan, with a tote bag and weighs less than 4 pounds all for around $50. So there you have it, gear that turns your SUV into a mobile dressing room in a snap!