Volkswagen has released a series of available accessory options for their Golf GTI and R hatchbacks.

These new options include new LED turn signals, wheel center caps, and various exterior pieces. All components can be installed and painted (if applicable) by Volkswagen dealerships-- or an independent body shop if the customer prefers.

“The GTI is our most storied enthusiast vehicle,” said Hein Schafer, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen of America. “Its owners have a history of dialing the car in to match their personality and lifestyle, and we are proud to offer a catalog of dynamic options to help them do so.”

Body permutations include front and rear lip valances, as well as a roof edge spoiler, made in collaboration with Oettinger Sports Systems GmbH. The front lip adds a little more flare to the bottom front end without becoming overly-aggressive, as does the rear lip valance. The roof edge spoiler, however, is a bit more noticeable with its double-hump design. Volkswagen has not confirmed whether these parts add any aerodynamic benefits.

A series of images laced together to show the Osram LED Dynamic Turn Signals. May not represent actual speed of turn signals.

The LED Dynamic Turn Signals, made by Osram, are located on both side mirrors. They flash amber in a sequential array, forward to aft. When not in use, the darkened light strip blends in with the black mirror stem. According to Volkswagen, no special coding is required to get these turn signals to operate.

The final exterior styling element are the special Dynamic Wheel Center Caps. These wheel caps can feature the GTI or R logo; each style is able to self-level and stay upright while the Volkswagen of choice is in motion. These are slated for availability sometime early this year.

Other VW goodies include rubber floor mats by MuddyBuddy and a carpeted option by Monster Mats. A Bumperdillo rear protector will be available in the spring, designed to shield the paintwork during cargo loading and unloading. A frameless, auto-dimming rearview mirror will also be made available; it’s said to be HomeLink Connect-compatible.