Volvo is adding real people into their research of self-driving cars.  The company says two families in Sweden are now part of the Drive Me project.  They’ve been given specially equipped Volvo XC90 SUVs.  Along with the latest driver assistance technology, the vehicles come with cameras and sensors so engineers can monitor how the families use and interact with the technology.  Three more families will join the project early next year.  As many as 100 people will be involved in the Drive Me research during the next four years.  Volvo plans to have a fully autonomous car available for sale by 2021.

Another company is signing up for Tesla’s big rig.  Reuters is reporting PepsiCo has reserved 100 of the Tesla electric semi-trucks.  The huge haulers will carry PepsiCo beverages and snacks.  A few days ago MotorWeek told you Anheuser-Busch announced ordering 40 Tesla semi-trucks.  Reuters says 267 Tesla trucks have been reserved so far.  Tesla says production of the electric semis will begin in 2019.