Volkswagen has released a short teaser video of their ID.Buzz electric microbus, showcasing the vehicle ahead of its March 9th premiere.

The ID.Buzz builds off of the original ID.BUZZ concept vehicle showcased in 2017; the concept microbus was coated in a yellow-bottomed, white-topped lacquer reminiscent of the iconic VW buses of old. Being all-electric, the concept vehicle did not feature a front grille-- also harkening back to the rear mounted, air cooled engines of original VW buses-- and instead lead with LED lights, enclosed wheels and broad, rectangular windows.

Following the positive reception, Volkswagen spent five years developing the official ID.Buzz. While all images of the vehicle as of late have shown a white pre-production sample laden with rainbow camouflage, many of the same general styling cues from the concept car can be seen: LED headlights with thin daytime running lights, large widows, short overhangs, and the V-shaped face guided by the iconic VW badge. Both the concept and now pre-production sample are said to have taken inspiration from the renowned T1 buses from the 50’s and 60’s.

Of course, an updated dream machine for the future means a modernized powertrain, and what better callback to the environmentalist roots of the hippie era than an electric powertrain? The ID.Buzz utilizes Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB), launching in Europe this year with an 82kWh battery. The electric motor drives the rear axle, and is capable of 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque.

Range figures are yet to be fully discussed; however, it’s safe to say this will be a large improvement from VW’s original electric T2 prototype. This initial foray in the electric microbus segment was showcased at the Hannover Trade Fair in 1972. It, too, was driven by a rear-mounted electric motor; however, the technology available limited the bus to a maximum range of 53 miles. 

A groovy machine built for a modern day Woodstock; we’re excited to see all the details of the upcoming Volkswagen ID.Buzz, and we’ll have plenty more on this interesting microbus soon on MotorWeek!