Volkswagen has unveiled the longer wheelbase iteration of the ID. Buzz microbus, set to go on sale in North America in 2024.

We’ve already seen the European-spec two-row version of VW’s retro-styled EV, but now they’ve unveiled a bigger, more powerful three-row version for the North American market.

Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 9
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 6
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz
2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 7
2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 6
2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 4
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 4
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 9Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 6Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 72025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 62025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 4Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 4

Compared to the Euro model, which debuted in 2022, this version is nearly 10 inches longer, clocking in with a total length of 192.4 inches riding atop a 127.5 inch wheelbase (117.6 inches for the two-row). It’s also 77.9 inches wide and 74.6-inches tall; Volkswagen compares it dimensionally to their Atlas utility, stating that the Buzz is 5 inches taller. They further compare the original VW Bus to the 2019 Beetle, which was “about as long… and slightly narrower,” further illustrating the size.

With a little more to drive around, the North American model naturally packs a little more muscle (not a word that would typically be used to describe a VW Bus, mind you, but apt). The three-row model comes with two available powertrains, starting with a rear-wheel drive, single-motor trim putting out 282 horsepower– a healthy bump from the European model’s 201 ponies. The rear mounted motor is said to be capable of 406 lb-ft of maximum torque, paired with a one-speed transmission and a new inverter. There’s also an all-wheel drive, dual-motor trim with “about 330 horsepower,” according to VW. The three-row has a 9-mph top speed increase over the two-row, electronically limited at 99 mph.

The battery is also larger, increasing from 82 kWh to 91 kWh (gross measurement). It’s mounted in the floor to save space and, according to Volkswagen, improve handling by shifting the weight lower. There’s no official or estimated range figures for the US-spec ID. Buzz, but we suspect it to stay relatively close to the standard wheelbase’s 260-ish miles.

The three-row retains all of the two-row’s retro-futuristic design cues, including an illuminated oversized VW logo, “play” and “pause” icons on the pedals, fake air vents on the D-pillar, and two-tone paint. Speaking of paint, this new model comes with several new paint colors like Cabana Blue, Metro Silver, and Indium Grey, in addition to several existing colors. This is all very subjective; however, we’d say VW has certainly captivated some of those original microbus vibes with this 21st century entry.

2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 5
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 3
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 2
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 1
2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 1
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 7
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 5
Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 8
2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 5Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 3Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 2Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 12025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz 1Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 7Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 5Volkswagen Debuts US-Spec ID. Buzz 8

The interior is reminiscent of other ID. interiors, including the infotainment system and haptic buttons. However, Volkswagen has updated the system with illuminated volume and temperature controls and more easily accessible climate functions. The second and third rows can be folded flat, and the third row is fully removable. The ID. Buzz comes with standard seating for seven, although a six-seat configuration with second-row captains chairs is available. And if you want to mellow out to some tunes from *insert name of whichever 60’s hippie band you like most*, an available 14-speaker Harmon Kardon audio system should keep things groovy.

There is no official word on pricing, nor when in 2024 it will come out, but you can be sure we’ll be covering it right here on MotorWeek. In the mean time, check  out our in-person First Look of the ID. Buzz.