Electric-vehicle manufacturer VinFast and EV-charging solutions brand Electrify America have announced their upcoming partnership at the New York International Auto Show.

The primary result of their partnership is offering two complimentary charging sessions and access to Electrify America’s nationwide charging network via the VinFast mobile app. That deal is rather underwhelming when compared to previous deals brokered between automakers and the charging brand, which usually call for two years of complimentary charging sessions, albeit usually capped off at a certain length.

The Vietnamese automaker sees this partnership as a win, though, further affirming their determination to enter the US market. Their upcoming North American models, the VF 8 and VF 9, will benefit from the aforementioned integration; they will be assembled at VinFast’s upcoming assembly plant in North Carolina.

“As more electric vehicle options become available to consumers, it’s important to have easy access to fast and convenient charging while on the road,” said Rob Barrosa, Senior Director of Sales, Business development & Marketing, Electrify America. “Our collaboration with VinFast is offering a seamless integration within the VinFast app making ultra-fast charging with Electrify America even easier.”

Craig Westbrook, Chief Service Officer of VinFast US, said that one of the brand’s goals is to reduce range and charging anxiety whilst providing the world with a means to switch to cleaner, more sustainable transportation.

It’s easy to discount the effectiveness of this initial deal as something more akin to a gimmick, as two charging sessions doesn’t have the same appeal offered by other partnerships in the EV segment; however, Westbrook went on to say how excited VinFast was to be working with Electrify America. It’s possible this partnership will expand well beyond those two initial charging sessions-- and we sure hope so.