Valvoline Inc., best known for their vehicle care and oil productions, have announced plans to offer electric vehicle (EV) services in select retail stores.

Currently, these service centers are spearheading the initiative via pilot programs, offering a limited degree of maintenance for EVs. Many of these services are those already performed on traditional vehicles: 12-volt battery replacement, tire rotations, key fob battery replacement, cabin air filter replacement, wiper replacement and state safety inspections. 

Valvoline stated the second phase of this program, expected to launch summer 2022, will include additional services targeted at more EV-exclusive maintenance routines.

"For 150 years we've been bringing innovation to the automotive aftermarket," said Heidi Matheys, Chief Marketing & Transformation Officer of Valvoline. "As Valvoline continues to transform its retail offerings and extend its existing offerings to EV owners, we are able to offer our quick, easy, trusted approach to automotive maintenance regardless of a vehicle's power source."

This news follows a recent announcement naming Valvolin one of four initial US service partners for Arrival, a global company which aims to make air clean via affordable electric solutions.