As an update to the Apple Car story of earlier this week, Bloomberg News now reports that the tech giant has a target date of 2020 to begin fielding an electric car, much sooner than most observers thought. The effort is known as “Project Titan” and it might include some self-driving capabilities.  Many critics point out that launching a car will indeed require a titanic effort, especially in such a short time frame. It certainly will be a much tougher challenge for Apple than just building a better smart phone. With huge cash reserves, Apple will not be hampered by lack of funds, a plight that has sunk many other fledgling automakers including Fisker. Even Elon Musk admits that his Tesla Motors is still losing money on every car it builds. Some observers think that Apple’s project might eventually be more about building an advance electronic interface to sell to existing carmakers rather than developing their own standalone car. Still, there are reports that Apple has had discussions with major parts suppliers that could conceivably assemble an entire car.