The PBS News Hour is reporting a self-driven Uber Volvo SUV was involved in a collision in Tempe, Arizona on Friday.  According to police, it was uncertain if the person behind the wheel of the Volvo was in control of the vehicle or not when the incident occurred.  But the report also states the Volvo was not at fault; rather the driver of the other vehicle failed to yield right-of-way.  Regardless, it looks like Uber has put the brakes on its self-driving vehicle program, which began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last year …at least for now. 

California, and the 12 states that follow the California Air Resources Board’s regulations, are moving ahead with greenhouse gas emission standards adopted in 2012 that affect cars and light trucks sold through 2025.  This coming on the heels of the Trump administration’s recent announcement that it intends to reconsider the previous standards established by the EPA for 2022-2025 model years.  It looks like there’s yet another battle brewing in our Nation’s Capital. 


Can’t wait for the New York International Auto Show? Neither can we.  So, here’s an early glimpse at a pair of debuts we expect to see from Toyota, an all-new Sienna minivan and Yaris Hatchback.  Stay tuned, as of course MotorWeek will be at the show to bring you all the world debuts and hopefully a few wild and crazy concepts as well.