Today, with the term “hybrid” so increasingly ubiquitous, it’s good to remember that for most of us it all started with a slightly odd-looking compact from Toyota, the Prius. Prius is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in America. While it slightly trailed the Honda Insight coupe to our market, the Prius’ more practical four-door shape, along with super impressive EPA fuel economy of 42 city MPG/41 highway MPG/ 41 combined MPG, would profoundly change the trajectory of the American and global automotive propulsion evolution. While most of us are more familiar with the sloop nosed Prius hatchback, that car did not come along until 2003, and was Toyota’s response to owners wanted more practicality as well as even better mileage.

Over the next two decades, Toyota would go on to sell more than 6 million Prius vehicles worldwide and more than 3.6 million total hybrid models, including Lexus, in the U.S. Toyota Prius sales in the U.S. reached 1.9 million through 2019, and the model name became synonymous with hybrid technology.

Toyota is marking the special anniversary of the groundbreaking Prius, the foundational car of its global hybrid leadership, by offering the Prius 2020 Edition for model year 2021. Toyota will offer 2,020 of these special models, based on the well-equipped XLE FWD grade. Available in a choice of Supersonic Red or the new Wind Chill Pearl, the 2020 Edition features striking black exterior trim and unique features, including a color-keyed rear spoiler.

The overall look of the special edition is both efficient and nicely sporty, and even a little mischievious. But there’s nothing mischievous about a car rated at a manufacturer preliminary-estimated 54 city MPG/50 highway MPG/52 combined MPG and equipped as standard with one of the auto industry’s most advanced driver-assist safety systems.