Toyota and Microsoft's relationship continues to grow; as yesterday, Microsoft announced a new patent licensing agreement with the Japanese car maker.  Toyota hopes the deal will allow them to “innovate faster to deliver new, contextual and immersive experiences to our customers.”  What that means for you and me, is Toyota plans on installing Data Communication Modules into a broader range of their vehicles starting with 2017 models in the U.S. market.  

If you caught our coverage of the most recent Geneva Motor Show, you'll know that Mercedes-Benz is launching an all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster this Spring.  The brand can only hope that it will make as big of an impact on the automotive world as the 300 SL Roadster has after it was unveiled 60 years ago at the 1957 Geneva Motor Show.  The topless version of the legendary gull-wing coupe has clearly become one of the most coveted of all Benz's; bringing well over a million dollars any time one crosses an auction stage.  


McLaren continues to reveal details of their upcoming ‘Hyper-GT’ car, code named BP23.  And while we can't glean too many specifics from this sketch, the company claims this three-seat hybrid will be the most powerful and aerodynamic car they've ever built for the road.  Just like the legendary McLaren F1, only 106 will be made.  And even though they won't be hitting those roads until 2019, McLaren claims they’ve already been spoken for.  But don't give up hope just yet.  If your checkbook has the necessary funds, and you know the right people; chances are you should be able to get your hands on one.  Just be sure to bring it by MotorWeek so we can "kick the tires".