For a little while now there have been rumors and plenty of shop-talk surrounding an upcoming manual transmission for the Toyota Supra, and now such a dream has been made a reality.

Sent out in a Tweet from the official Toyota USA account, a picture of a three-pedal setup confirmed the rumors. A short statement followed by the hashtags #Supra, #Manual and #LetsGoPlaces further establishes Toyota’s vision for the Supra.

It is unclear exactly which transmission Toyota plans to mate up to the Supra’s power plant; in fact, it is unclear if both the 2.0-liter inline-4 and 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged engines will receive the manual option. It is possible only one of their engines will grant drivers the chance to row the gears; however, Toyota could also offer a third engine option to accommodate the new gearbox, though this seems rather unlikely. If anything, the current designs could see some sort of major modifications to make the pairing seamless.

Online reception to the manual Supra seems to be positive, some commenters likening this reveal to the recent GR Corolla unveiling just a few short weeks ago. And seeing as April’s Fools is already two weeks behind us, we don’t think Toyota will be pulling the floor mats out from under us on this one.

With no official details or expected launch dates, stay tuned to MotorWeek for further updates!