Toyota has released details on their upcoming 2023 GR Supra, now available with a six-speed manual transmission.

The three-pedal option will be available on the GR Supra 3.0, 3.0 Premium and a limited A91-MT Edition; there are no signs of the "row it yourself" transmission making its way to the 4-cylinder 2.0 model. The 3.0 models are still powered by the 3.0-liter inline-6, turbocharged to punch up to 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. 

The new manual transmission is touted as not just being an "off-the-shelf solution.” Instead, Supra engineers developed this gearbox specifically for the vehicle and 3.0-liter engine, with components including a newly engineered, large diameter clutch and diaphragm spring. The gearbox will also be aided digitally via an Intelligent Manual (iMT) program, optimizing conditions during both upshifts and downshifts. These assists can be turned off by the driver.

The new gear shifter itself was also engineered with particular detail; Toyota claims the lever’s ratio was crafted to minimize shifting effort, and the area sound the shifter were redesigned with ergonomics in mind, with the console and drive mode selector being adjusted to provide more clearance between the control panel and knob. The knob sports a standard 1-through-six pattern with reverse situated top-left.

Tethered to this longly awaited reveal is a new special edition celebrating this clutch comeback: the A91-MT. Limited to just 500 units, it comes equipped with exclusive Cognac leather-trimmed seats, a GR-logoed Alcantara shift knob and a 12-speaker JBL sound system. Outside, the Supra badge is finished in red-- matching the red GR Supra-emblazoned calipers hidden by unique 19-inch gunmetal gray wheels. It is offered in two unique colors: Matte White and CU Later Gray.

Pricing details and exact launch dates are yet to be discussed, but for reference the current 2022 Supra 3.0’s start at around $52,000. That is with the automatic, of course, and it’s unclear how the manual will impact final MSRP. 

We’re excited to get behind the wheel of the 2023 Supra-- with a manual-- and we’ll have all the latest updates here on MotorWeek!