Toyota has revealed a pair of special editions for some already special vehicles: the GR86 Special Edition (SE) sports coupe and GR Corolla “MORIZO” hatchback.

Gazoo Racing (GR) is Toyota’s motorsports and performance division. As such, the GR banner has been used by Toyota to signify the track-bred nature of these two vehicles, as well as the recent GR Supra sports car.

The 2023 GR86 SE starts life as a Premium trimmed model, lacquered in an exclusive Solar Shift orange paint. That finish is contrasted on all four corners by special matte-black 18-inch wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber. The C-pillars add to the motif with special graphics, and the orange/black theme is carried into the cabin by the Ultrasuede/leather trimmed interior. If the paint wasn’t loud enough for you, the GR86 SE comes stock with a performance cat-back exhaust (with black chrome tips, of course), said to resonate a throatier sound.

The GR86 SE was made to celebrate “the pure fun of sports car driving;” quite befitting, as the second-generation 86 took home MotorWeek’s Best Sport Coupe trophy during our 2022 Drivers’ Choice Awards (along with its Subaru BRZ cousin). The 2023 GR86 SE will be limited to 860 units.

We recently covered the reveal of the GR Corolla, and it seems Toyota is already looking to beef up its 2023 offerings with the MORIZO edition. While it does host some aesthetic changes, the MORIZO goes beyond that with a slew of performance-geared adjustments.

Literally; this special edition GR Corolla boasts an exclusive close gear ratio manual transmission. This, along with shorter differential gears, should make acceleration that much more satisfying-- at least, according to Toyota. The MORIZO also bumps peak torque up to 295 lb-ft (from 273 lb-ft), so we’re betting that stomping the throttle is going to be that much more fun regardless. The MORIZO still operates with the “base” GR Corolla’s 300 horsepower, laid down to the pavement via an adjustable all-wheel drive system and Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires.

Aside from adding more power, the GR engineers have reduced the MORIZO’s weight by nearly 100 pounds, now estimated at 3,186 pounds. The most notable savings came from the rear seats, tossed out alongside the rear door speakers, rear window regulators, and rear wiper blade/motor. Of course, the forged carbon fiber roof and 18-inch forged alloy wheels help, too.

Yes, the MORIZO is a two-seater, flexing an exclusive red and black Ultrasuede/leather interior. The sport seats grip occupants with high bolsters and feature holes for proper racing harnesses. The Ultrasuede material is carried over onto the steering wheel, shift knob/boot, and parking brake lever. Other upgrades include additional venting via front brake ducts, mono-tube shock absorbers and unique suspension tuning. Two additional floor braces and one additional rear strut brace bolster the GR’s rigidity.

The 2023 GR Corolla MORIZO will be limited to 200 units. Pricing details on it, as well as the GR86 SE, are yet to be fully disclosed.