Toyota’s vision of an electrified future is unfolding.  MotorWeek was on the scene in Greensboro, NC for the reveal of the all-new 2021 Toyota Mirai.  This second-generation Mirai is sleeker, longer and lower than its predecessor.  Another big change will be a rear wheel drive platform.  The new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Powertrain will have better performance and increased hydrogen storage capacity, resulting in what Toyota plans to be a 30-percent increase in range. 

An FCEV generates electricity onboard from hydrogen & oxygen, with water as the only tailpipe emission. The challenge for the Mirai and the few other fuel cell vehicles on the road in the U.S.  is the lack of hydrogen fueling stations.  Most are concentrated in California. Toyota says stations are also planned for the Northeast and other areas.  They’re projecting fuel cell electric technology will one day be as common as their hybrid electric technology. The second-gen Mirai will go on sale in late 2020.

Toyota’s electric strategy also includes the 2021 RAV4 plug-in hybrid.  They say it will be their most powerful RAV4.  We don’t have any specifics at this point.  We’ll know more when the Toyota RAV4-plug-in debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 20, 2019.

Toyota is stepping up it’s commitment to a key component of their electrified powertrains.  They’re extending their hybrid battery warranty from 8 years / 100,000 miles to 10 years /150,000 miles, whichever comes first. The new warranty begins with all new model year 2020 Toyota hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles. It not only covers the first owner, but also transfers to other owners.