Toyota has published more teasers of their upcoming Crown, including a short video of the anticipated vehicle.

So, what is the Toyota Crown? At the moment, only Toyota knows, and they’re holding their breath until the July 15th reveal. What we do know is that the Crown will sit somewhere between a sedan and an SUV.

We can also see from the video that the new design will feature LED lighting fixtures, like a monolithic taillight traveling from edge to edge and square-shaped headlights similar to those found on the more recent Prius Primes, like our Long Term tester. This particular model is sporting an interesting combination of colors, similar to the two-tone palette we’ve witnessed on the bZ4X.The vehicle’s badge sits front and center above the sharp edges of the front fascia.

We’re excited to see what the Toyota Crown is all about and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop, right here on MotorWeek!