You’ve been hearing it for ages: The manual transmission is a shrinking breed, becoming less of a commonality and more of a commodity to be coveted when offered in a new vehicle. And you’ve also been hearing for what feels like an eternity that a new Toyota Tacoma is on the way– and it is, as the teases we’ve received for the 2024 model have, while given in small doses, indicated some big things for this midsize pickup.

In some exciting news, Toyota’s latest teaser for the 2024 Tacoma confirms the existence of a six-speed manual transmission. It’s a move that is sure to score some brownie points with “row-it-yourselfers” who want a manual pickup.

And… that’s really where the tease ends: A brief description with a picture of the three pedal layout attached. It’s not much, but it’s an honest brief that has us hungry for more Taco news.

You can bet we’ll be covering the new Tacoma’s reveal whenever that may be, so stay tuned for updates!