The 5-passenger bZ4X midsize SUV is the first model to be released under Toyota's new "beyond Zero" brand umbrella of battery electric vehicles.

Underpinning the bZ4X is a new BEV-dedicated platform jointly developed with Subaru, incorporating the unique requirements of BEVs with a low center of gravity and greater rigidity, optimized for the off-road performance needs of SUVs. The 355-volt Lithium-ion battery pack powers a single 150-kW electric motor in front-drive models, or a pair of 80-kW motors in AWD models. The bZ4X will offer up to 310 miles of cruising range in front-drive models, will be compatible with 150-kW high-output chargers worldwide and was engineered with particular attention to battery cell safety, maximizing cruising range even in winter environments, and maintaining battery capacity for 10 years or 150,000 miles.

Some models will include a steer-by-wire system along with a unique butterfly steering wheel, designed to provide more legroom and ease of entry while also isolating the driver from unnecessary tire and road vibrations and reducing the amount of steering effort and hand movement. The cabin is expected to offer class-leading front and rear legroom, incorporates high soundproofing glass and wind-noise reduction to foster conversation, and creates a calm, airy space with an upholstered dashboard, low instrument cluster and available panoramic roof.

Toyota plans to introduce seven bZ models by 2025. The bZ4X will be launched worldwide in mid-2022. U.S.-specific product details will be released later this month.