The Porsche 911 is, as we’ve said many times, an automotive icon which routinely impresses us in various capacities; but, it’s the GT and RS name which often elevate a Porsche to the next level, as is the case with the 2023 911 GT3 RS.

This new model packs a great performance punch thanks to a series of upgrades-- not all of which are directly tethered to its high-revving power plant. The new GT3 RS sees upgrades to aerodynamics, suspension and, perhaps most impressively, the cooling.

According to Porsche, the basis for the GT3 RS’s significant performance boost is thanks to the implementation of a central radiator cooler. This was first used in the Le Mans class-winning 911 RSR, followed by the 911 GT3 R-- the RS’s motorsport brother. That does mean the 911’s “frunk” gets debunked, making way for a large, angled radiator in the nose.

Fun fact: this is the first time on a production Porsche where the upper edge of the rear wing sits higher than the roof.

This radiator helps temper the 4.0-liter six-cylinder boxer engine, naturally aspirated to the tune of 518 horsepower-- up from 502 horses in the 911 GT3. Thanks to a seven-speed PDK transmission (which itself is cooled by underbody intakes), the GT3 RS will complete 0-60 mpg sprints in 3 seconds, rocketing beyond that to a top speed of 184 mph. Keeping things planted is a suite of aerodynamic enhancements, the most notable of which being the swan-neck rear wing, consisting of a fixed main wing and a hydraulically adjustable upper blade. Other elements include a front splitter, side blades and louvered openings in the front fenders.

The 911 GT3 RS can be further tailored for drive via three driving modes: normal, sport and track; the latter of which allows each basic setting to be separately tuned, such as rebound and compression damping on both front and rear axle. Adjustments can be made on the steering wheel: four individual rotary controls and a button for the Drag Reduction System (DRS).

Any interested customers can expect their orders to arrive in the US by spring 2023, but be prepared for the $225,250 starting price (including destination). We can’t wait to get behind the wheel, but in the meantime you can check out our recent track attack in the 911 Turbo S and our overseas odyssey in the 911 Sport Classic.