The AAA Foundation recently released a report of the American Driving Survey, a methodology of yearlong driving results. The American Driving Survey was produced by a team of researchers compiled to perform a survey to develop, pilot test, and implements a data collection system to collect data at the national level. The survey also paid a special focus on young drivers and senior drivers. The American Driving Survey launched on May 21, 2013 and concluded May 31, 2014.

Using data collected in telephone interviews from drivers living in random sample households nationwide; the American Driving Survey determined that drivers, on average, made two driving trips per day. These trips took an average of 46 minutes.  The survey also shows drivers reported driving an average of 29.2 miles per day. That’s 10,658 miles annually. 

There were other interesting facts like Women reported more driving trips, but men spend 25% more time driving. The report shows that men drive 35% more miles than women. Both teenagers and seniors over the age of 75 drive less than any other age group. While drivers 30-49 years drove the most. The survey even lists the effects of the weather and how most drivers drive more on the weekday than the weekend.

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