There’s a new contender in the truck wars.  Tesla has announced their Cybertruck.  The angular and very polarizing design includes an exoskeleton.  Tesla says it’s made from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel.  Besides the obvious durability consideration, they say the idea behind the exoskeleton is by putting “the shell on the outside of the car” it “provides you and your passengers maximum protection”.  However, during the presentation, the "armored" side glass cracked during a demonstration of its impact resistance.

Being a Tesla, naturally it’s an electric truck.  The specifications on their website indicate the Cybertruck will have three power options… one, two or three electric motors.  With the single motor, power goes to the rear wheels for a range of what they say will be more than 250-miles.  Both the dual motor and triple motor configurations provide all-wheel drive… with a 300 mile or 500-mile range respectively.  Towing capacity ranges from 7,500 pounds for the single motor Cybertruck up to 14,000 pounds with three electric motors doing the work.  Tesla claims with those three motors running 0-60 mph will take as little as 2.9 seconds. Tesla says the standard adaptive air suspension is capable of raising and lowering the truck four inches to access the cab and bed (they call it a vault) and will also feature self-leveling. It will also be available with an expanding tailgate that doubles as a loading ramp.  Tesla’s well-known Autopilot is also part of the package.  The interior features a 17” touchscreen and seating for six.  Starting price is $39,000 with the top version beginning at $69,900. Tesla is taking orders now.