Tesla's latest over-the-air software update Version 10.0 includes new navigation search options, a library of karaoke lyrics and arcade games for passenger entertainment and the ability to summon your Tesla to drive itself to your location, navigating autonomously.  Tesla says Smart Summon is "the perfect feature to use if you have an overflowing shopping cart, are dealing with a fussy child, or simply don’t want to walk to your car through the rain. Customers who have had early access to Smart Summon have told us that it adds both convenience to their trips and provides them with a unique moment of delight when their car picks them up to begin their journey." As you might expect, there have been numerous reports of glitches in the system, such as not being able to distinguish between asphalt and grass, failing to yield right of way, and a few driverless fender benders.  Tesla cautions that "Those using Smart Summon must remain responsible for the car and monitor it and its surroundings at all times."