Tesla is taking on the traditional automotive industry once again, this time in sales.  The company has announced sales worldwide will be done online only.  They’ll be closing many of their stores during the next few months.  Tesla points out taking a test drive before buying a car is not necessary under their business model, because customers can return a car within 7 days or 1,000 miles for a full refund.  As for servicing your EV, Tesla says most service needs will be handled by them coming to the customers instead of the other way around.  They’re also saying they’ll “guarantee service availability anywhere in any country in which we operate.”  However, Tesla will still have a physical presence in a few high profile locations.  They say these will serve as “galleries, showcases and Tesla information centers”.

The shift in their sales strategy saves them money, which they say in turn means an average 6% price drop on their vehicles.  They’re now offering the standard Model 3 with 220-miles of range at $35,000. For another two thousand dollars, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, offers 240-miles of EV driving.  These follow the longer range version released in 2017.