Japanese airbag maker Takata’s legal headaches are easing… a bit.  Reuters is reporting they have reached a $553 million settlement with four car companies: Toyota, BMW, Mazda, and Subaru.  They point out the recalls on Takata inflators cover vehicles made by 19 automakers, so their legal issues are far from over.  A judge must still approve this settlement.


From the Captain Obvious department: new cars have more power and go faster than they did decades ago.  But now, Bloomberg has found the numbers to back that up; studying cars from the 1970’s and comparing them to modern vehicles.  They found that median horsepower has increased from 145 to 283, while 0-to-60 times have decreased from almost 14 to just 7 seconds.  No wonder we keep getting speeding tickets!


Jaguar is of course the official car partner for the upcoming Championships at Wimbledon 2017.  And as we reported earlier, that’s where they will reveal their new XF Sportbrake.  Well, the car is on its way there and we’ve got the pics to prove it.