As larger, 3-row SUVs have become more prominent in the market, Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety analyzed the design and spacing in these larger vehicles and have identified the safest, and most dangerous, places for pets to travel based on the unique design of 3-row SUVs:

  1. Pets 20 lb. or less can be harnessed or secured in carriers in the 2nd row Captain’s Chair 

  2. Larger pets, more than 20 lb., should be properly secured and travel in the 3rd row bench directly behind one of the Captain’s Chairs

  3. NEVER place your pet on the floor between the Captain’s Chairs in 3-row SUV models, as this could result in the pet becoming a projectile and cause serious injury to both the pet and vehicle passengers

  4. When traveling with both children and pets in a 3-row vehicle with Captain’s Chairs, secure the child in the 2nd row and secure the pet in the 3rd row, on the opposite side of the vehicle as the child

“Following these simple tips will help to minimize the risk of injury in the event of a crash and in all cases, pets should be properly secured to prevent distractions for the driver and prevent serious injury to both the pet and vehicle passengers,” said Lindsey Wolko, Founder and CEO, Center for Pet Safety.

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As Subaru celebrates 50 years in the U.S., they are rolling out Anniversary Edition models across the lineup, sporting Heritage Blue exterior paint and special badges. In addition, the company marked several milestones in April, including

  1. The 30th anniversary of the founding of Subaru Technica International (STI), the championship-winning motorsports subsidiary of parent company Subaru Corporation and developer of high-performance Subaru vehicles and parts.

  2. The two-millionth sale of the Subaru Outback in the U.S.

  3. The sale of the nine-millionth Subaru vehicle in the U.S.

  4. The grand opening of the new Subaru of America headquarters campus in Camden, NJ.