Subaru of America has launched a new line of pet accessories designed to keep pets comfortable in their vehicles. Comprised of eleven unique items equipped for Subaru vehicles, the pet accessories ensure that owners can take their furry companions on road trips and remain protected.  

“Protecting pets is a key component of our Subaru Loves Pets commitment, and that includes protecting pets on the road,” said Joe Daugherty, Director – Accessories, Subaru of America, Inc. “At Subaru, we know that pets are part of the family, and as our owners head out for warmer weather adventures with furry friends in tow, we want to keep them safe and comfortable for the ride.”

The new line of pet accessories features a variety of pet-friendly gear and accessories designed to keep pets comfortable during road trip adventures. The items were designed using state-of-the-art technology to maximize pet comfort. The accessories, available for purchase at Subaru Parts Online and at Subaru retailers nationwide, includes: Pet-Friendly Padded Cargo Liner, Console Lid Protector, Collapsible Pet Kennel, Pet-Friendly Padded Seat Protector, Pet Ramp, Sleepypod Pet Harness, Sleepypod Pet Carrier and Mobile Pet Bed, Sleepypod Pet Travel Bowl, Seat Cover - Rear, Rear Bumper Protector Mat, and Pet Lover License Plate Frames.

Subaru has a longstanding commitment to supporting pet adoption programs and other animal welfare initiatives through their Subaru Loves Pets program. To learn more, visit