In May 2014 Google took the next step with its autonomous car technology by announcing their prototype of a self-driving vehicle. Edmunds are now citing that self-driving may change the way drivers obtain a traditional license, according to University of Michigan researchers.

Researchers feel that a Graduated Driver Licensing approach is the best way to handle drivers operating self-driven vehicles.

"The GDL approach would be applicable should a manufacturer explicitly decide to limit the operation of its vehicles to certain conditions, until improved hardware or software becomes available," said Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in a recent statement.

According to Edmunds, an automaker may "feel confident that its vehicles could handle all situations, except nighttime and snow." If this occurs the vehicle will be given a "provisional license" to exclude those two situations. Once updates to the hardware or software are developed and the updated vehicle passes the unrestricted licensing test, a full license would be granted.

Stay tuned to MotorWeek for more details.