Sound the alarm: Shelby American is officially turning the GT500 CODE RED experimental Mustang into a full-on production model.

The CODE RED GT500 signifies the first time the company has turned an experimental car into a production model, albeit limited to a run of 1,300 units. The unveiling was done at the Woodward Dream Cruise this past Saturday.

The CODE RED is not just named as such because of its red badging and accents; rather, this particular GT500 fills the air with tire smoke thanks to its up-to 1,300 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque on E85 Ethanol (over 1,000 HP and 780 lb-ft on 93 gas). It’s generated by a modified version of the GT500’s 5.2-liter “Predator” V8; most notably, the CODE RED’s motor is backed up by twin turbochargers, substituting the “regular” Shelby’s supercharger.

Other performance enhancements include a new transmission capable of delivering this power to the rear wheels, as well as a one-piece aluminum driveshaft, Currie 9-inch rear end, Air Locker differential and 35-spline axles. Suspension wise, the car rests on Shelby/Eibach adjustables and 20-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zeros upfront and Nitto NY555R drag radials in back. Stopping this monster is a set of Shelby/Baer brakes and rotors.

Styling is doubled down thanks to a widebody package, a carbon fiber hood and bespoke badges, just to name a few changes. In fact, carbon fiber is used quite liberally across the CODE RED, down to the front splitter and rear diffuser, the pedestal wing, and rocker wings. Any 2022 models will receive 60th anniversary badging.

And that leads to availability; the CODE RED is based on the 2020-22 GT500, of course, and in order to celebrate that, Shelby will only be building 10 units per model year. Perhaps more daunting is the price tag; the package MSRP is listed at $209,995, and that doesn’t include the base price of the GT500.