As vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced, there appears to be a lot of confusion about what they can and cannot do.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looked at how drivers perceive automated systems.  They found the names of the systems can lead drivers to think they don’t have to be as attentive as they should be.

In general, automation is at Level 1 or 2, which means the systems can perform one or more driving tasks under supervision of the driver.  Taking hands off the steering wheel and talking on a cell phone were the top two things those asked said they thought they could do while a Level 2 system was operating.  Between 3 and 6 percent of those asked thought they could take a nap while using a semi-autonomous system.

Another IIHS study found many drivers are not aware of when the systems are not operating… like during lane centering.  Researchers found giving drivers personal training helped them understand how the system works and how to use it properly.