Ford is taking another step in the pursuit of autonomous driving.  They’ve just launched their third-generation test vehicle in collaboration with Argo AI. 

This new generation of driverless cars is equipped with new technology.  The cars have better sensors, including radar and cameras with higher resolution and higher range. The idea is to get a better view of objects farther away.  They work with a new computing system, that’s not only more powerful, but also generates less heat and noise.  Naturally the focus is on safety.  Researchers have developed redundant braking and steering systems.  Their goal is to keep the vehicle moving, in case one of the systems stops working.

Self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrids are roaming the streets of five major cities:   Detroit, Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, Miami, and Washington, D.C.  Developers are creating technology that can adapt to a variety of road designs and real life driving situations.