We hear a lot about plans for self-driving ride-hailing.  Those plans are coming closer to reality.  The Consumer Electronics Show will give people the chance to experience automated point-to-point ride-hailing.  Technology company Aptiv is teaming up with Lyft for the demonstration.  Their partnership will allow those attending CES to take automated rides to more than 20 destinations in what Aptiv says will be “complex driving environments”.  Last year, Aptiv conducted a similar exercise on a drive loop that included city streets and highways.  CES 2018 takes place next week in Las Vegas.

CES will also be the stage for the debut of a “drivable concept” from new Chinese automaker Byton.  We’re seeing teaser pictures of their first concept electric utility.  The company says it will include a 49-inch by 10-inch screen and have a range of up to 310 miles.  They hope to begin production in 2019.