Toyota plans to equip the 2022 Mirai luxury fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) with their new “Toyota Teammate” driver assistance system.

The system is available on the 2022 Mirai Limited grade, and it will serve two primary roles: Advanced Drive and Advanced Park; however, Toyota stated that while Advanced Park functionality will be standard, Advanced Drive will be an optional purchase.

Toyota Teammate’s Advanced Drive function is a suite of systems designed to support drivers by assessing road conditions and scenarios, then aiding in reactions via acceleration, braking and steering commands “under active supervision of the driver.” Essentially, it serves as the vehicle’s safety and driver awareness tech, also including features such as lane keep and change assist, vehicle-following protocols, interchange navigation, and overtaking capabilities. Advanced Drive is classified as a Level 2 autonomy system by the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE).

Advanced Park, as the name suggests, performs the operations necessary for hands-free parking. That means the vehicle will control steering, acceleration, braking and gear changes when, for example, parallel parking into a space. The vehicle is also equipped with a 360-degree sensing system, comprising cameras and ultrasonic sensors. Together, they allow the driver to check the position of the vehicle during parking procedures.

Having just entered its second generation, the 2022 Mirai is a four-door luxury sedan with coupe-like styling; however, the most notable feature is the fuel-cell technology. This new-gen boasts a zero emission, EPA-estimated range of 402 miles on the Mirai XLE-- which was previously rated at 312 miles.

FCEV vehicles operate by generating electricity through a chemical reaction between onboard hydrogen mixed with outside oxygen. The only byproduct of this reaction is water, which is expelled via a hidden pipe on the bottom of the vehicle. Every 2022 Toyota Mirai will include up to $15,000 of complementary hydrogen with a purchase or lease.

The 2022 Mirai is expected to start around $50,000; the limited around $66,000.