Just when we thought the exhilarating Honda Civic Type R hatchback was here to stay, word comes that the UK plant that builds it and other Civic hatchback models will close in 2021. The plant employes 3500 workers. The Associated Press has confirmed the rumors that Honda's Swindon plant in western England will close at the end of the car's current life cycle. Honda claims that the closure has nothing to do with Brexit, but rather represents a reaction to changes in the global automotive industry. That no doubt includes the decline in popularity of cars and the rise in demand for utility vehicles and trucks, as well as the anticipated demand for electric vehicles. Now, this may not end the availability of a Civic Type R to America. In fact, there is no word on if a new Civic design will even include performance models like the Si and Type R but they are likely at some point. Back in Feburary, when reports of the Swindon closing first surfaced, MotorTrend reported that Honda is looking into adding the hatchback body style, and that could include a Type R, to it's U.S. Civic assembly program. We, and a lot of other affordable performance car fans certainly hope so.