What we drive is getting even smarter.  Add Volkswagen to the list of automakers bringing more technology to the driver’s seat.  They’re introducing Pedestrian Monitoring Technology.  A small radar on the front of the vehicle sweeps 35 degrees about 400 feet ahead of the vehicle.  This happens hundreds of times a minute.  The radar is looking for pedestrians about to cross in front of the vehicle or walking away in the vehicle’s path. 

This technology operates below 40 mph.  Volkswagen says if the system detects movement in front of the vehicle while going 4 and 18.6 mph it will apply automatic braking to slow or stop the vehicle. They say between 18.6 and 40 mph, the Pedestrian Monitoring system sends audible and visual alerts to the driver, and if the driver does not respond, automatic braking takes over.

VW says Pedestrian Monitoring Technology is standard on the Arteon, Atlas, Golf, Golf R and Golf Alltrack. They say Front Assist and autonomous emergency breaking are expected be standard on nearly all Volkswagen models by 2022.