The concept of a Mercedes Benz mid-size pick-up truck is now real.  South Africa was the stage for the world premiere of the Mercedes Benz X-Class.    It goes on sale in Europe later this year.  The premium pick-up will also be available in South Africa, Australia and Latin America.  As we’ve reported, Mercedes-Benz is still deciding whether the X-Class will make it to U.S. roads. Check out the premiere here.

Congress is on the verge of what could be a big step in bringing self-driving cars to the roads.  Reuters is reporting a U.S. House subcommittee will vote tomorrow on a major proposal that includes autonomous driving.  They say under the plan, automakers would not need pre-approval to bring advanced technology to the market, but they would have to give regulators safety reports.

The 2018 Honda Fit is now on sale.  Now in its third generation, the Fit gets a new look and more available technology, like Honda Sensing, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  The price starts at $16,190.