Ahead of its world debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche has released photos and details of the all-new Taycan EV's interior. Clearly focused on the driver, the sweeping dash uses up to five touch screens to allow distraction-free control while maintaining Porsche's signature minimalist high-style design approach.  The innovative instrument cluster consists of a curved 16.8-inch anti-glare polarized glass screen with the rounded
look that is typical of Porsche. Omitting the traditional gauge cowl ensures a slim and modern smartphone-like appearance.  The upper and lower sections of the dashboard stretch across the entire width of the vehicle in the shape of a wing. A central 10.9-inch infotainment display and an optional touch control panel for the passenger are integrated into a tasteful black band. All user interfaces have been completely re-designed for the Taycan. The number of traditional switches and buttons have been greatly reduced, with most functions being controlled via touch or a voice control function that responds to the command “Hey Porsche”.